Artist, Miro Leon Bucher

Miro Leon Bucher

New Media Artist | Curator | Philosopher | Anthropologist

Miro Leon Bucher (they/he) is a German new media artist working primarily in CGI/3D rendering, virtual and augmented reality, sound design, and creative coding. Born in 1998 and raised near Cologne, Germany, Miro currently resides between Aachen, Germany, and Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Although Miro holds a Bachelor's degree and is closing in on a Master's degree in Philosophy, and Social- and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Cologne, his artistic practice is largely self-taught and inspired by the pioneering universal genius of Leonardo Da Vinci. His work merges his academic insight with hyperrealistic aesthetics, producing highly defined virtual worlds that critique the status quo of contemporary society and envision utopian futures.

Miro's art is heavily influenced by his research in feminism and the practical Marxist utopianism of German philosopher Ernst Bloch. His work embodies an intention to instigate thought and inspire action towards new utopian ideals, reflecting the influence of thinkers like Bertrand Russell.

Miro's most significant exhibitions to date include "Lee Subin, Born 1998" at Bluescreen in Seoul, which they also organised and curated, and "CV 2023" at Hello Artist in Busan. Alongside these, Miro has designed exhibitions for the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum in Cologne, Germany.

Currently, Miro is working on "Lost Hope," a multimedia project incorporating CGI/3D renderings, virtual and augmented reality experiences, and video. The project critiques the loss of 20th-century utopian ideals, inspired by the visuals of "2001: A Space Odyssey" and the guiding principles behind Gene Roddenberry's "Star Trek," as well as the philosophies of Bertrand Russell and Ernst Bloch.

Pursuing art was a natural path for Miro, growing up in a family with a strong, even if unfulfilled, artistic inclination. The resolve to chase the notion of the universal genius initially ignited in middle school when Miro extensively learned about Leonardo Da Vinci. From there, they decided to first pursue studies in Philosophy and Anthropology to create a scientific base from which Miro developed a sophisticated artistic practice.

Looking forward, Miro's vision is clear - to find public recognition and exhibit in the world's leading public institutions, making his art accessible and driving the utopian ideals it embodies. As they progress into a Fine Arts PhD, they look forward to fostering a community of artists, philosophers, and art historians to further develop and realise these utopian concepts.